Peace of mind about the quality of the air we breathe in public spaces

Many pathogens (germs), including the virus responsible for COVID-19, spread through the air. It is estimated that nearly 300,000 South Africans have lost their lives to COVID-19. However, other airborne pathogens such as tuberculosis (TB) and influenza together kill about 70,000 South Africans every year. Along with this, various other airborne health hazards such as microscopic particulate matter (PM) that circulate in the air, can cause serious damage to the health of employees and customers.


GreenFlag Association is a multidisciplinary body comprised of scientists, academics, and business representatives working collaboratively to provide practical solutions that could improve indoor air quality in corporations and limit the risk associated with the accumulation of airborne health risks, such as harmful pathogens and airborne particles.

The GreenFlag Association was created to:

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of better ventilation and cleaner air indoors where people gather
  • Increase public peace of mind from being in spaces where the air is safe to breathe
  • Produce knowledge and tools to evaluate the quality of air in indoor places
  • Offer GreenFlag Certification to facilities that meet air quality standards

What we do

To achieve our aims, we share expertise, evidence, and a measurement platform that will:

Support government, business and households to improve indoor air quality
Standardise and coordinate risk assessments of indoor air
Drive research
Support evidence-based policy decisions
Propose practical solutions that work in our local settings
Inform and reassure the public that shared indoor spaces are well ventilated and have good air quality

How we work


GreenFlag consultants measure the carbon dioxide levels in public spaces via online devices – carbon dioxide levels are good proxy indicators of ventilation and therefore of health risks to occupants. Measurements are taken for both CO2 levels and PM10 and PM2.5.


The GreenFlag Association reports its findings to the owners and managers of public spaces


The GreenFlag Association issues certificates that identify spaces that have met a published standard

Scientific approach

The GreenFlag Association has a panel of experts who help guide a scientific approach

Our services

The GreenFlag Association uses the most up to date science and information on public health to raise awareness about the importance of good air quality in public spaces.

Through our service providers, we appoint GreenFlag consultants and marshals who measure the CO2 and Particulate Matter (PM) levels in public spaces. CO2 levels are a good proxy for establishing the air quality in an unventilated space, and can serve as an indication of the air quality and health risks in the space.

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Green Flag Monitoring

Monitor and evaluate

GreenFlag marshals test and monitor the air quality in public spaces
Green Flag Certification


The GreenFlag Association issues certificates to institutions to show their spaces meet the necessary safe air quality requirements.
Green Flag Communicate


The GreenFlag Association aims to raise general public awareness of the importance of well ventilated public spaces to to our health

Our panellists

The GreenFlag Association works closely with a highly qualified and experienced panel of experts who provide expert opinions on public health and safety. The association’s approach and philosophy is grounded in world-class scientific research in the field of public health and occupational health and safety.

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