Welcome to the GreenFlag Association

The GreenFlag Association gives people the peace of mind that they live, work and relax in safe, healthy spaces when it comes to air quality.

Many pathogens – including the virus responsible for COVID-19 –  spread through the air, endangering health and lives. Crowding in public spaces, with little or no ventilation, may put you in danger of contracting certain diseases.

The GreenFlag Association aims to create awareness about:

  • The dangers of gathering in crowded public spaces
  • The importance of proper ventilation of these spaces

In issuing GreenFlag Certification to institutions that meet air quality standards, we give people a tool to evaluate the safety of the places they gather in.

Our purpose

GreenFlag uses expertise, science and smart infrastructure to:

Support government, companies and associations
Inform and reassure the public that public spaces are well ventilated
Centralise and coordinate risk assessments
Manage and interpret big data to drive research and policy decisions
Dynamically propose practical solutions

How we work


GreenFlag Association service providers measure the air quality in public spaces for possible health risks


The GreenFlag Association reports its findings to the owners and managers of public spaces


Public spaces that comply with the necessary health criteria are certified as GreenFlag compliant


The GreenFlag Association communicates the importance of well ventilated areas for the health and safety of the community

Our services

The GreenFlag Association uses the most up to date science and information on public health to raise awareness about the importance of good air quality in public spaces.

Through our service providers, we appoint GreenFlag consultants and marshals who measure the carbon dioxide levels in public spaces. Carbon dioxide levels are a good proxy for establishing the air quality in an unventilated space, and can serve as an indication of the air quality and health risks in the space.

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Green Flag Monitoring

Monitor and evaluate

GreenFlag marshals test and monitor the air quality in public spaces
Green Flag Certification


The GreenFlag Association issues certificates to institutions to show their spaces meet the necessary safe air quality requirements.
Green Flag Communicate


The GreenFlag Association aims to raise general public awareness of the importance of well ventilated public spaces to to our health

Our panellists

The GreenFlag Association works closely with a highly qualified and experienced panel of experts who provide expert opinions on public health and safety. The association’s approach and philosophy is grounded in world-class scientific research in the field of public health and occupational health and safety.

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